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St Albans


Nestled within the vibrant tapestry of St Albans, a suburb steeped in rich cultural tales and community spirit, stands The Glendenning Residence. Seven meticulously crafted townhouses represent the convergence of St Albans’ historic essence with the epitome of modern luxury living. The Glendenning Residence, with its proximity to the pulsating life of Melbourne yet ensconced in the charm of St Albans, presents a perfect blend of the old-world charm and contemporary dynamism.


Completion: Q3 2025

Dwellings: 7 dwellings

14 Glendenning Street_Bathroom Op214 Glendenning Street_Bathroom Op2
14 Glendenning Street_Bedroom14 Glendenning Street_Bedroom
14 Glendenning Street_Living Room14 Glendenning Street_Living Room
14 Glendenning Street_Exterior_Cam 214 Glendenning Street_Exterior_Cam 2
14 Glendenning Street_Exterior_Cam 114 Glendenning Street_Exterior_Cam 1